Brijuni Islands



A world of virgin beautiful islands – legend narrates that when God created the Earth, and made an equal part into a paradise, Istria was born. This splendid region was a garden full of trees and fields, encircled by a crystalline sea and in which the inhabitants lived happy and serene lives. The Devil, not being able to support an idyllic place such as that, therefore decided to destroy it. He cut open a bag full of stones which an angel was carrying away from these lands, and let them fall on the entire territory, destroying fields and trees, but the angels collected with a huge effort what remained of that paradise and carried it into the middle of the sea, where the waves defended it. From these extracts were born paradises like the Brijuni Islands. On one small island, with a surface area of only 7 square kilometres, we find a multitude of archaeological finds of immense historical value, starting with the remains of the first Neolithics, situated in a village in the bay of "Soline" and continuing with antique roman villas. Moreover there are constructions from the Venetian and the Austro – Hungarian times; they constructed many sanatoriums, mostly at the beginning of the XX century, while for 25 years (1954-1979), Brijuni was the presidential residence. In this period it has been visited by heads of state from all over the world. This short history of the archipelago testifies to human presence for 5 thousand years and its development in respect of the flora and fauna and culture of the people who have inhabited it. It is a true paradise, a union between green fields and the blue crystalline sea, between uncontaminated bays and hills, characterised by the white Istrian stone.



Brijuni Islands - Istria

Brijuni Islands


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