Island of Lastovo



Lastovo is located in the south of the island of Korcula, and has approximately 1,300 inhabitants. Its land surface amounts to 53 km². Its highest peak is Hum (417 m). Lastovo is an island with numerous bays, beaches, sumptuous vegetation, vineyards, olive groves and gardens. The inhabitants are farmers and fishermen. The island of Lastovo was for centuries part of the Republic of Dubrovnik, and that shows in its rich and valuable architectural and artistic patrimony. The locality of Lastovo is particularly interesting from an urban point of view, situated on the southern slope of a mountain, with a series of ancient gothic and baroque houses with their evocative and unusual roofs. Here is the parochial church of the Saints Cosma and Damiano. The church is equipped with three ships from the XV, XVI and XVII centuries. The great altar, in baroque style, is embellished with paintings representing Saints Cosma and Damiano going back to the XVII century, the work of the Venetian artist Giovanni Lanfranco. This church possesses silver liturgical objects of value, among which is a holy water vessel made of bronze. In Lastovo are many ancient churches: in Ubli Saint Luca, of the XI century, while the most beautiful is Saint Maria in the field, built in the XV century in gothic style. Lastovo possesses exceptionally interesting and rich customs, traditions and dances, among which is famous Lastovsko kolo (the round dance of Lastovo). The carnival festivities and the related customs on Shrove Tuesday are often mentioned, when a ceremonial statue, the “Lutka” is placed on a special cart and dragged by rope from the top of the island to the sea, where, finally, it is set on fire.




Island of Lastovo - Southern Dalmatia

Island of Lastovo


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