Southern Dalmatia



The wonderful landscape of Southern Dalmatia, with its coast and lots of beautiful islands, gives the numerous visitors many reasons to visit this region. Inside the country is characterised by the delta of the Neretva River, which stretches over an area of 20,000 hectares. 12,000 hectares belong to Croatia the rest to Bosnia Herzegovina. It was originally a pure swamp, however in 1880 parts of it were drained so the land could be used for agriculture. Hence came to life the largest tangerine cultivation in the Adriatic area, also called the “Croatian California”. Once upon a time, boats were the only means of transportation in the delta. Although now there are roads and streets, some farmers still use those boats to transport their products through the channels to the river-side markets. The area boasts of a rich flora and fauna. In addition to a variety of plants, here you may find 310 bird species as well as 34 freshwater and 100 marine fish species.
Those who want to learn more about the history of this region should visit the ancient Croatian church of Saint Mihovil in Stonsko polje. This construction has maintained its original structure and it fits harmoniously into the landscape. The church is decorated with frescoes of the pre-Roman age which are the only ones in Dalmatia.

The most important place of this region is surely the city of Dubrovnik whose historic town centre is encircled by fortified walls. UNESCO put the city of Dubrovnik on the list of cultural and natural world heritage. Dubrovnik is also called the “Pearl of the Adriatic”. In the Middle Age, the city counted among the most important economic and cultural centres of the Mediterranean area. Today, the traffic-free old town looks like a unique open air museum with countless sights. Several days are not enough to discover the most important places of interest.  Dubrovnik is traditional also in another way: Until late autumn, the cultural programme meets the highest artistic standards and also satisfies the desire for light entertainment on an international scale. 220 cloudless days per year are perfect for long evenings in beautiful garden-bars and open restaurants.

The islands of Korcula, Mljet, Vis and Lastovo are aswell part of Southern Dalmatia. A fascinating landscape with scenic views and a crystal clear sea are awaiting you.



Southern Dalmatia - Southern Dalmatia

Southern Dalmatia


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