Island of Pag



The island of Pag with its 63 km length is the second longest in the entire Adriatic. Its coast is richly arranged (altogether 269 km in circumference) and full of beautiful gravel and sandy beaches.
The part of the island facing towards the Velebit Mountain, due to the wind of bora, does not have any vegetation and as a result this side resembles a moonscape. Since 1970 the island has been connected by a bridge with the mainland. Due to the stony land, the viticulture on the island is not very high, but the quality of the locally-produced wine is excellent ("Zuica" wine). Besides the cultivation of olives, there are some reputable specialties like honey, lamb meat and the sheep’s cheese. Pag cheese is known all over the world and the lamb ranks among the best in Croatia. The secret of the meat, milk and honey quality is in the aromatic herbs which grow on the island under the salty sea air.



Island of Pag - Northern Dalmatia

Island of Pag


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