Kvarner Region



The county "Primorsko Goranska", better known as the Kvarner region, is one of the areas with the oldest tradition in tourism in Croatia. The beginnings date back to the middle of the XIX century, when this area used to be a popular destination for winter holidays among the Austrian Hungarian aristocracy. This region is composed of three different, but equally attractive, parts. The first to mention is the shoreline “Primorje”, which extends from the “Liburnijska Riviera” below the “Ucka” mountains and along the coast as far as Senj. The second part are the islands consisting of the four largest Adriatic islands – Krk, Cres, Losinj and Rab. The third part is the mountain area known as "Gorski Kotar", a.k.a. “Croatian Switzerland”. The centre of the region is the former main port of the Austrian monarchy – Rijeka, which is today the economic and administrative centre of the region, richly decorated with architectural inheritances from past times, with its lively city centre, many coffee bars and several different shopping centres.




Kvarner Region

Kvarner Region



Taverns and Restaurants in the Kvarner region

PLAVI PODRUM, Obala Frane Supila 12, 51410 Opatija, Tel: 051 701 223

KUKURIKU, Kastav 120, 51215 Kastav, Tel: 051 691 417, Slow food

KONOBA MARETINA, Viskovo 24, 51000 Rijeka, Tel: 051 256 057

KONOBA NADA, Glavaca 22, 51516 Vrbnik/ Island of Krk,Tel: 051 857 065

MANORA, Mandalenska bb, 51554 Nerezine/Losinj, Tel: 051 237 460

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