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Blue Cruise Croatia

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Blue Cruise Croatia

Blue Cruise Croatia

Small, breathtaking Croatia has a rich history and a beautiful coast with more than 1200 islands. The best way to get to know and enjoy the Croatian Adriatic is revealed after a casual look at the map. I.D. Riva Tours offers you a full range of options through our Blue Cruise Croatia experience. The right choice begins after selecting the starting point and the level of service you desire. All ships in our fleet are the private property of experienced captains. You are their guests in the true sense of the word, and the great experience you will gain with Blue Croatia Cruise and your hosts - who have been living at sea and from the sea for generations - is entirely authentic.

The Ships

Our cruise fleet boasts 31 ships. They can accommodate 13 to 40 people or be rented in their entirety as a charter.

Many of them have great stories and carry the romantic charm of the old Mediterranean. Some are modern and made precisely for cruising the Adriatic, while others are wooden and rustic.

The Blue Cruise Croatia tours last one or two weeks and start from € 425, depending on the selected boat, embarkation port and route.

All our ships have a shared focus on guest safety and care in choosing the crew. To make it easier for you to choose a boat that will meet your expectations, we have divided our boats into four categories:


Wooden motorized sailing boats with cabins including bunk beds or a queen-size bed and private bathroom facilities. Air conditioning is provided in the cabin alleyway of the lower deck.

Cruise Croatia - MS Orkan

Comfort Plus

Motorized sailing boats with cabins, including bunk beds, separate beds or a queen-size bed, and private bathroom facilities. Each cabin is equipped with individually controllable air conditioning.

Cruise Croatia - MS Kapetan Kuka


Comfortable and modernly designed motorized sailing boats and motor yachts. Upscale service in comfortable cabins with separate beds or a queen-size bed. Private bathroom facilities and individually controllable air conditioning. Most of our vessels feature a bathing platform at the stern.

Cruise Croatia - MS Carpe Diem


Luxury steel-hull motor yachts offer premier service, spacious and comfortable cabins with separate beds, or a queen-size bed and private bathroom facilities. All cabins are equipped with individually controllable air conditioning. Further amenities include a covered lounge area on the upper deck and a bathing platform at the stern

Cruise Croatia - MY Solaris

Selecting the right ship

Each of the categories above offers a certain level of service and accommodation. The category in which the ship is classified gives only basic information. For the complete picture, you need to take the next step. Our boats are not typical; they are as unique as the crew that manages them. We have compiled a detailed description of each vessel, which gives a better picture of the experience that awaits you on your Blue Croatia Cruise. Do you have more questions? Feel free to contact us.

Embarkation Ports

You can sail on your Croatia Cruise from Rijeka, Zadar, Trogir, or Dubrovnik. Each of these starting points has its advantages. Make your choice depending on the part of the Croatian coast you want to explore and depending on the ship you want to board. These cities are an excellent introduction to the adventure that awaits you.


The largest Croatian port, a well-connected traffic hub. If you are spending your summer in Istria or coming to the Adriatic by car, Rijeka is a perfectly positioned starting point.



Zadar’s position is unique. In its immediate vicinity there are 3 nature parks (Telaščica, Northern Velebit, Vrana Lake) and 5 national parks (Paklenica, Plitvice, Kornati, Krka, Velebit).



Listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, Trogir is a beautiful town located only 6 km from Split Airport.


How to reach your embarkation port

You can book a flight from many European airports through I.D. Riva Tours. In that case, the price of the transfer from the Croatian airport you landed at to the port from which you will depart is free of charge.

Should you come by car to the port at which you will embark on your Blue Croatia Cruise, you can reserve your parking space through us. Contact us for questions.

The Active Way to Cruise Croatia

And as if cruising the beautiful Croatian Adriatic is not good enough - we still offer more! With a little more effort and goodwill, you can take your experience to an even higher level. Through a combination of active holidays and cruises, you will get to know the country and the people even better. How many activities suit you this summer - decide for yourself:

· Active Cruise Cappucino Tour - Suitable even for families with children. A little activity, bikes, walks or kayaks. A few sights, some picnics?

· Active Cruise Bike & Boat - If you love cycling, look no further. This is your thing! Riding a bike through a uniquely stunning landscape, and when you reach the finish line: your boat and refreshments await you.

· Hiking Cruise - Walking through the beautiful landscapes of the northern Dalmatian islands with experienced guides. Hiking guarantees not to miss anything which surrounds you!

active cruise croatia

Why Choose Blue Cruise Croatia?

When you plan a trip, your safety is always a big issue. So is meeting your expectations. With cruises, these things are even more important because you can’t simply leave the ship and its crew at any given moment.

We at I.D. Riva Tours know all the captains of the ships in our fleet personally. Our captains are at the same time the owners of the ships on which you are cruising, and your hosts. Therefore, it is essential to leave it to an experienced agency to check in detail what kind of ship, captain and crew will host you.

I.D. Riva Tours has been operating since 1994 and is the leading travel specialist for Croatia. More than 20 employees at our headquarters in Munich and over 100 employees in Croatia work hard to ensure the highest quality for our clients.

Contact us with confidence. We don’t believe in anonymous customer service and long waits on the phone line. However, we believe in support both before and during the trip.

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