Travel Insurance


Travel Insurance

Our products cover risks for all types of travel. Travel cancellation insurance, medical travel insurance or multi-cover packages. Find your perfect cover here.

I.D. Riva Travel Cancellation Protection

What is insured?

Travel Cancellation Insurance and Curtailment Insurance:

You are insured in case you cannot commence your trip or your trip comes to a non-scheduled end. Insured events are e.g.:

  • Unexpected serious illness as well as pre-existing conditions that were not treated in the last six months before taking out the insurance or start of the trip.
  • Death and serious accidental injury.
  • Pregnancy and complications during pregnancy.
  • Considerable damage to property due to fire, burst pipes or natural events.
  • In case you cannot commence your trip due to an insured event, we will pay the contractually owed cancellation costs.
  • In case of unscheduled termination of your trip due to an insured event, we will pay the pro rata trip price for unused travel services as well as the additional costs for the return journey.
  • Sum insured: corresponds to the insured trip price.

Insurance for Furnishings and Keys:

  • If you cause damages to items of furniture in your rented accommodation, we will pay the compensation for damages owed by you.
  • If you lose your key for your rented accommodation, we will pay the costs for spare keys and for the door to be opened by the locksmith services.
  • Sum insured: € 1,000 per trip

I.D. Riva Travel Protection Package

What is insured?

Alle benefits of the Travel Cancellation Protection, furthermore:

Medical Travel Insurance

  • You are insured in case of an illness or an accident during your trip.
  • We reimburse costs for medically necessary treatment and aids abroad.
  • We organise medically reasonable and justifiable return transport including luggage transport and cover the costs.
  • We assume search, rescue and recovery costs of up to € 10,000 after an accident.
  • Sum insured: unlimited.

Luggage Insurance

  • You are insured if your luggage is stolen, destroyed or damaged.
  • If your checked luggage reaches the destination at least 12 hours after you have arrived, we will pay for necessary replacement purchases.
  • Sum insured: depending on the tariff chosen.

The insurance conditions VB-ERV 2019 apply. Benefits and premiums are subject to change.

Important note: The above insurance policies can only be taken out if the policyholder is resident in one of the following countries: Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Italy, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Agent: I.D. Riva Tours GmbH, Neuhauser Str. 27, D–8033 Munich

Provider: ERGO Reiseversicherung AG (ERV), Thomas-Dehler-Str. 2, D–81737 Munich

If you have cause for complaint in connection with insurance mediation, you can contact this out-of-court complaint and arbitration body:

Versicherungsombudsmann e. V.
POB 080632, D–10006 Berlin
Phone: 0800/3696000, Telefax: 0800/3699000


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