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01 July 2020

Dear guests,

Please check travel advisories imposed by the government of your country of origin before making a booking.

To ensure a smooth border crossing procedure and to be entitled to use the so-called “Fast Lane” at the border, we recommend that you register with the Croatian Ministry of Tourism before your arrival. The required form can be filled out online: Please make sure that you also have your identity card/passport and your travel vouchers issued by I.D. Riva Tours with you when you enter Croatia.

The last months of the Corona Virus crisis have been very challenging for all of us. Fortunately, thanks to quick and strict measures taken by the government, Croatia was hardly affected by the epidemic. Public life, especially in the open air, has recently been restarted. Restaurants, cafés and open-air museums, as well as beaches, can be visited in compliance with hygiene rules. Since Croatia will probably be receiving only very few guests this year from countries outside the EU, a significant decline in the number of visitors is expected. After these challenging times we are looking with hope and anticipation to the future.

Like in many other European countries, all people in Croatia are required to keep the minimum distance of 1.50 meters to other people. You can find more information and answers to the most frequently asked questions on the page of the Croatian health authority:

It is very important to us that you look forward to your holiday with anticipation in times of the “new normality”. Croatia with its fascinating landscape and historical sites is more beautiful than ever.

Should you nevertheless decide to cancel your trip under the valid cancellation conditions according to the General Travel Terms and Conditions of I.D. Riva Tours, we offer guests who want to cancel their holiday and had booked own arrival or arrival with the I.D. Riva bus the following regulations up to 30 days before the date of arrival:

For cancellations after the above stated deadlines, the cancellation costs according to the General Travel Terms and Conditions of I.D. Riva Tours shall apply.

This regulation applies to all customers who have booked a trip for the year 2020 regardless of the time of booking.

Please send your inquiries preferably by email, stating your booking number, to We try to answer your request as quickly as possible, but due to the increased number of inquiries waiting times may apply.

Together with all Croats we are looking forward to welcome you soon in Croatia.

With best regards, Selimir Ognjenović and Konstantin Gaitanides


Furthermore, we ask our guests to be aware of their own responsibility and to observe the following guidelines:

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